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Ladies and Gentlemen, the early bird registration for Essentials of EM 2012 ends tomorrow (Sunday) evening. Save yourself some cash and get in early. It will be our largest attendance to date with over 1400 fellow Emergency Physicians and h
ealth care professionals experiencing one of Emergency Medicine’s best and most entertaining conferences.

Join us for an election night party, iPad giveaways, flying saucers, musical acts, live social media feeds, and some of the best speakers in the most innovate educational environment in the world!

If you cannot join us live, why not watch online with our digital version.

Hope to see you there, we will be putting on a great show!

The Essentials of EM Team
Essentials of Emergency Medicine

Essentials Early Bird Registration Reminder

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Essentials early bird registration ends October 1st!  Do yourself a favor and SAVE SOME CASH, register now!

EMRAPTV 140 Irregularly irregular
A bit of a milestone…its our 140th edition of EMRAP TV. Let have a party!

EMRAP 2012 Product Demo:iCare Ocular Tonometer

We are trying out a potential new addition to the EM:RAP family. There are so many products out there for use in the ED we thought we would try and provide a little info on some of them. We receive no revenue from these companies and we are not endorsing any of the products in these videos.

EMRAPTV 135: This episode is all about discordance in BBB and in paced rhythms - have at it.

EMRAPTV:132 Wide Complex Tachycardia

Freshly baked citizen Mel Herbert, introduces another stellar cardiology segment by Amal Mattu.
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For your reference here is a copy of the USC trauma transfusion

For your reference here is a copy of the USC trauma transfusion

Emrap TV 128: Are Those P Waves?

In this episode Amal takes us through the importance of looking HARD for P waves, even when they don’t look like they are there.

Another EMRAP.TV is posted…this time Rob Roman reviews the Cunningham Technique for shoulder relocation.  Simple, non-traumatic and one to add to your quiver!

EMRAPTV 121: Apneic Oxygenation and End Tidal CO2

In this edition of EMRAP TV Mel Herbert shares his excitment and insights into pre-oxygenation of patients who need intubation. Its a goodie.